Eating the City

After all my posts about New York as of late, I promise to talk about something else in this one. Be warned though – New York will undoubtedly appear again as that city provides a rich source of inspiration for me regarding all things architextual.

I’m going to return to the current city I live in and talk about a different texture the city can be experienced as – an edible one.

December is only a few days away and that means Christmas is just around the corner, one of my favourite times of the year. The Inn at Laurel Point is featuring a fabulous display of gingerbread creations from now until January 2, made by professional and amateur chefs.

I am always eager to discover new ways of reading the city – through text on buildings, through film, through artistic performances – and, as my recent trip to The Inn at Laurel Point revealed, even through gingerbread.

Given my interest in architexture, I was drawn to the works that interpreted real buildings and places in Victoria through an assortment of candy canes, licorice, crackers, icing, gummies, shreddies, jelly beans, pretzels, and other such goodies.

Fernwood Village Square

Fernwood Village in Victoria has a hip, trendy vibe with a dynamic arts scene depicted in the above gingerbread scene of its main square, featuring the eye-catching Belfry Theatre that used to be a church (as its tall spire would indicate) and the Tudor-style Fernwood Inn, a popular community gathering place for food, drinks, and conversation.

Fernwood Village Square with The Belfry Theatre on the right and The Fernwood Inn in the distance

The Fernwood Inn

Abigail’s is a boutique bed-and-breakfast hotel close to where I live. It’s fun to see places I walk by on a regular basis recreated and reimagined as miniature and edible art.

Abigail's Boutique Hotel

I suppose the concept of “reading” the city through these gingerbread creations crumbles away pretty quickly as they entice you to want to “eat” the city more than simply contemplate it.

Here are some of my other favourites:

"Monastery Brewery"

"Towering Achievement"

"Welcome to Whoville"

And my very favourite, which also won first prize in the professional category: