A Walk in the Gardens

I work in Surrey now, and when the weather’s cooperating (which hasn’t been too often), I like to eat lunch outside and explore my new surroundings.

Here’s what I encountered when I walked through Bear Creek Gardens the other day, on the afternoon of the Bear Creek Park Garden Light Festival.

I spied with my little eye a chapel in the woods.

Chapel in the Woods 1

I went closer to see if it was really what I thought it was. Indeed.

IMG_0631I would love to go to church in the woods!

IMG_0635 - Version 2My walking then led me to this labyrinth of paper cups filled with dirt (I’m guessing so they wouldn’t blow away). I wonder what they were used for.

IMG_0637IMG_0638IMG_0640A lot of the tree decorations were shielded from the elements.

IMG_0641The colour of these autumn trees, combined with the Japanese ornaments, was absolutely stunning.

IMG_0645IMG_0647IMG_0654IMG_0657IMG_0658IMG_0655So many hidden treasures in these gardens, including this pink bicycle.IMG_0663It would have been beautiful to see these decorations all lit up at night. Perhaps it looked something like this:


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