A Poem for Peggy’s Cove

Evening drive to Peggy’s Cove. Bright green houses and Adriondack chairs. Picture by the water before the sun says goodnight. Watch light disappear, fall in love with the way ocean splashes rock splashes me. Get lost in rugged mist of east coast bliss. Where there is beauty, there is danger. My friends and I, precariously close to the edge. Always sitting by the edge. How much we know each other by our silhouettes. Black against oranges, pinks, and blues, there’s something about these summer hues. Hot tea in thermos, sipping warmth, wiggling our toes. Hair all over the place. Let it fly with the wind. Let me be still and feel everything.

IMG_9081 - Version 2IMG_9082IMG_9090IMG_9093IMG_9100IMG_9105IMG_9103IMG_9099

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