A Story that Involves You

Dear readers,

Many of you have known about my long love for Vancouver, have known this blog was inspired from the city’s literary & architectural texts, have followed me from Victoria to Langley to Vancouver where I went from dreaming about the city to actually living in it, have watched me settle in and find my home here, stop people on the streets, remember the city’s past, sit in poetic chairs along the beach, grapple with its aloneness and togetherness, hike its mountains, crawl to its culture, and post an ode to the city on my one-year anniversary.

So when a local writing contest came up asking people to submit stories about their relationship to Vancouver, I jumped at the chance. Oh, I think I have quite a few things to say about this.

Those “quite a few things to say” boiled down into a short piece I submitted called “Living Bigger, Looking Closer.”

I’m sharing this with you as I would love your help in getting my story into the Top 10 by reading it and voting for it here. You can even vote for it once per day from now until October 15 if you’re especially keen!

You’ve all journeyed with me at some stage and so I’m really excited to have you be a part of this and to keep you updated on the progress of the contest, which of course I would love to win! I hope you like my reflections on Vancouver, that it resonates with you in some way regardless of where you live, and that you’ll be inspired to share it with others.

Much love & thanks,

Vancouver and me

Vancouver and me

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