Cooking up a Literary Concoction

One of my favourite things about The Book Lover’s Cookbook is making dishes that have a literary connection. If you like books and you love to cook/bake, why not combine the two interests?

Book Lover's Cookbook

Each entry has a connection to a literary work—maybe the characters are making dinner or talking about their favourite stew, or maybe a guest is bringing chocolate pecan pie to a family gathering.

Such was the scenario for what I baked last night: Mother’s Chocolate Pecan Pie submitted by Judith Guest that goes with her book, Errands.

“Snip, snip, snip,” says Jess, coming in the front door.

“When are you guys going to quit fighting?” Ryan is behind her, carrying a pie plate. Her mother eyes it with phony delight masking her alarm.

“We’re not fighting, for heaven’s sake. Now, what’s that you’ve got, Ryan Dougherty? You’re a guest here. I hope you didn’t think you had to bring your own food to Thanksgiving dinner!”

“Small contribution,” he says with a smile. “Made it myself. Chocolate pecan pie. My mother’s recipe.”

“Why, how lovely!”

Jess takes the pan from Ryan, carrying it out to the kitchen, while Annie follows her.

“Oh, you are a devil, sister.”

“What?” Jess gives her an innocent look, but they both know: holiday menus never vary—it’s turkey on Thanksgiving, shepherd’s pie at Christmas, ham for Easter. Likewise, with the side dishes and desserts. They’ve never thought to challenge it.

“Did he really make it himself?”

“He did. He’s a great cook.”

Ryan Dougherty’s mother’s chocolate pecan pie ended up as good as predicted. Very, very sweet though. My only deviation from the recipe was using a bought crust, which I’m perfectly okay with since I’m not THAT hardcore. Sorry I don’t have a picture of the whole pie before I dived into it, but here are some mid-way shots (I had some help eating it, in case you were wondering. It wasn’t all me!)

Yummmmm….The great thing about this book (other than the good recipes), is that it also introduces me to works of fiction that I’ve never heard of before, but then want to read and recall as I’m working in my kitchen, reading and making the dish inspired by it.


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