Text Them Home

Usually, marketing isn’t a matter of life or death. But this is one of the rare occasions, where, in fact, it is.

These are the words of creative agency David&Goliath who partnered with the Weingart Center, a human services center in the heart of LA’s Skid Row, to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless through the “Change your Perspective” campaign in 2012 that elicited a simple, tangible call to action.

All passers-by had to do was text “HomelessLA” to 20222 and they would donate $10 to the Weingart Center to help move the homeless towards self-sufficiency by training them for work, helping them find jobs and places to live, and providing counselling services.

This campaign was particularly aimed at a younger generation given the bad rap of being apathetic. Since young people are so connected to their cell phones and social media, it made sense to build the campaign around these features. Jordy Altman, digital media coordinator for the Weingart Center, explains in this article:

We’re hoping with the mobile donation campaign, they realize how easy it is do something more, that taking that extra step is not that complicated.

This campaign consisted of two parts: Coffins and Chalk. Watch Coffins first because it shows the reality and tragedy of the situation, as you can guess by the title. Follow that up with Chalk and you’ll catch a glimpse of the hope there is, that there can be, if people respond to this living art. What a testimony to the power of art in imagining a better world one perspective at a time.


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