Eating in Atmosphere

What’s on the walls of your favourite restaurant? What art are you eating to?

The Twisted Fork in Vancouver has a wall of colourful, canned goods that you can buy. The girl is standing opposite them. The kitchen at the front of this bistro means you can watch your food being made, which you may or may not like. I personally like the mystery.

As you can see, there’s other artwork too, but I noticed the cans.

The Blue Fox Café in Victoria has a bunch (or at least used to) of Martin Machacek‘s distorted urban paintings. This popular brunch spot is always packed with people. The wait is worth it.

The Vault in Cloverdale has much to love about it – the great food, live music, and eclectic art hanging from the rafters.

Birds, planes, and bikes. Stage in red.

Faces and totem poles.

The mood lingers after the people leave.





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